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1229 W Smith St.
Kent, WA 98032
(253) 854-0077

About this Shelter

Rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and the Gospel imperative, Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services are outreaches of the Catholic Church in Western Washington, under the leadership of the Archbishop of Seattle and the Boards of Trustees.

CCS and CHS answer the Gospel call to loving and compassionate service with particular concern for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death and the dignity of the human person.

Our employees and volunteers come from many faith traditions to serve and support poor and vulnerable people through the provision of quality, integrated services and housing.

Our focus is on those individuals, children, families, and communities struggling with poverty and the effects of intolerance and racism.

We actively join with others to work for justice.

Mission Statement:
"The mission of CCS/CHS comes out of, and is rooted in, Catholic Social Teaching that goes back 2,000 years and provides a compelling challenge for responsible living as well as a deliberate preference for serving the most poor and vulnerable. This social teaching is a collection of key themes that are rooted in Scripture and have evolved over time in response to the challenges of the day."
- From the CCS-Kent Family Center website

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User Questions & Answers

  • Posted by on Sep 14, 2019

    Hello I just moved to Seattle recently and I'm homeless no family here. I have no where to stay as of right now or nothing to eat.

  • Posted by on Jan 13, 2020

    Hi I'm looking for a shelter for a friend of mine. She is a 53, and homeless. Her name is Jeanie A., she's been living in a tent out in the woods and has always been able to take care of herself, she has made a lot of friends out there. Recently she and her friends were asked to leave, everyone left but her and two guys. I got a text from her this morning saying that the guys there were hassling her to have sex with them. She felt very strongly that she was not safe there, and reached out to me. I've given my e-mail , she does not have one, please feel free to leave messages for her . First time in 20 years she has ever asked me for help. I'm going to go pick her up in about 20 minutes, if you could help her that would be so helpful. Thank you for your time, and God Bless,

  • Posted by on Feb 13, 2021

    My daughter lives in Kent Washington, and her home recently burned down. She lost everything but the clothes on her back. She needs a place to live. Is there anything available?

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