Multi-Service Center & Shelter

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  1. Is this shelter free?
  2. Do they accept donations at this shelter?
  3. Do they allow Pets at this shelter?
  4. How old do you have to be to stay here?
  5. How long can you stay at this shelter?

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    Bjohnny says

    Hi. my Mom and have been homeless for two weeks. We both have SSI income. She also has a service dog. We have been to many Shelters fro Tacoma to Seattle. And trouble getting in one. if not because of the dog, because of her age. I am 45. We moved from Tacoma thinking we had an apt set up. but it did not work out. I need some advise- help. Thank you.

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    Brittanytianna says

    Need shelter asap. Homeless trying to get chemical dependency help and mental health help and shelter to get child back in my care.

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    Ppilmore says

    I need help finding shelter. I am disabled I will be living out of my car with my 2 chinchillas. I have called so many places and the waiting list is long.

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