reStart Inc.

Contact Information:

918 E 9th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106
(816) 472-5664

About this Shelter

Offering a full range of services for Kansas City's homeless men, women, youth, and families, reStart provides everything from emergency overnight shelter to transitional living and permanent housing.

Equipped to handle all persons, including those with special needs, reStart offers the tools, assistance, and support to help their clients make the transition to permanent housing.

Mission Statement:
"To empower all people facing or experiencing homelessness by providing housing and services that inspire hope. "
- From the reStart Inc. website

  • Men are welcome.
  • Women are welcome.
  • Children are welcome.
  • Senior citizens are welcome.
  • Families are welcome.
  • Shelter has a food pantry.
  • Provides emergency shelters.
  • Provides transitional shelters.
  • Provides long term shelters.
  • Has special services for veterans.
  • Provides services for case management.
  • Provides counseling.

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User Questions & Answers

It's better if there aren't pets.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

They are free apartments, and they might offer the apts. To anybody.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

  • Posted by on Apr 13, 2019

    Thank God that there is such a place. I will be sending a donation. My friend's grandson is in need of such a place now and we pray that we get him in. He is 21 and down on his luch with an alcohol problem. Very educated and need a kick start.

  • Posted by on Apr 16, 2019

    I am homeless and staying with someone right now but he is moving and I will not be able to move with him and this will leave me homeless again. your attention to my plight will provide me the help I will need.

  • Posted by on Aug 12, 2019

    looking for transitional living shelter for me and my 13 year old daughter due to homelessness

  • Posted by on Feb 13, 2020

    My friend is moving and me and my child cannot move in with her to her new place so that will leave us homeless again.

  • Posted by on Jun 7, 2020

    My landlord bullied us out of the house with NO warning. She has 2 weeks to live and wants to die in her house. He family came over started throwing my childrens toys out. I am now at a hotel with 4 children. I thought I would be ok because I start work Monday. Well because I have 4 children this is the last night I can stay in the hotel. With no car not family, I call and call and call and call and.... Get another phone number to call. It's an never ending cycle of I cannot help you. I don't understand why we have homeless shelters that NEVER have room. I started getting tortured and burnt as a toddler. I fely like I have been through so much garbage by myself I could NEVER brake. I am braking. I literally have to much I can't handle the emotional ride of not knowing. I just need a little help. A little guidance and I promise I won't stop. I have came to accept that I am bad luck and life is nothing but horrible moments with rare seconds of laughter. What I can't picture is me and my 4 kids on the street. Unfortunately I have lived in multiple parks and cars as a late teenagers/young adult. So I know the world don't give a damn about me. But I'm begging someone to care about my babies. I cannot fail. But unfortunately I have already. Please someone please hear my cry for help not for me. I am a worthless human who has never tried drugs and had a 4.2 GPA but somehow it doesn't mean anything without a little support. Someone please help we are going to die out here and I am the why

  • Posted by on Oct 27, 2020

    Homeless and need help

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