Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida Emergency Housing Assistance

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  • Added Nov 5, 2020 | Last Update Jun 1, 2022
  • 1380 Blountstown Highway
       Tallahassee, FL 32310
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  • (850) 222-2180

Mission Statement

"Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida carries out the social mission of Catholic Church to serve, to empower and to advocate for vulnerable individuals and families regardless of race, religion or national origin."
- Source: Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida Emergency Housing Assistance website


Catholic Charities helps in emergencies with such basic needs as financial assistance, food, prescription, housing and utilities.

Emergency Family Assistance:
The Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Program is a voluntary service designed to meet emergency needs of persons who are faced with a life-sustaining crisis. It is not intended to provide on-going financial assistance.

The target population is families in crisis who reside in the geographical area of the diocese of Pensacola/Tallahassee. Caseworkers will normally prioritize and assist potential clients according to need, immediacy of need and family situation; families with children, expectant mothers, homeless, and individuals lacking immediate necessities are all priorities.

Catholic Charities attempts to assist all applicants, eligible or ineligible, with the emergency situation they face and by providing financial counseling, and information and referral to other resources as appropriate. Catholic Charities does not have income eligibility restrictions.

Christmas Assistance:
During the holidays, we become acutely aware of those in need. It is also a time of increased community awareness of vulnerable families and individuals. While all regional offices conduct a variety of holiday giving programs, Tallahassees Christmas Connection is the largest gift giving program in Northwest Florida. We ask for any and all gifts to accommodate those in need.

Counseling Services:
To provide counseling services to empower and strengthen the quality of life for vulnerable families and individuals, while honoring the uniqueness of each by providing respectful, confidential, and professional services.

Who is eligible?
Children, adolescents, adults, couples, or families residing in the eighteen counties of Northwest Florida. Due to the agencies limited resources and the special needs of some individuals, the agency cannot provide services to persons with:
Severe obsessive rituals
Impairments in reality testing or communications
Behavior influenced by delusions or hallucinations
Potential danger of hurting self or others
Active physical abuse of others
Active abuse of psychoactive substances
Gambling and other non-substance based addictive behaviors

Information needed to apply:

  • ID for all adults in the household
  • Birth certificates for all children in the household
  • Proof of emergency hardship
  • Social Security Cards for all household members
  • Verification of all income for all household members
  • Receipts of any and all payments/expenses made in the last 30 days

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