Magnificat Houses of Austin

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  • Added Nov 29, 2020 | Last Update May 26, 2022
  • 3209 Austin Street
       Houston, TX 77004
       Open in Google Maps
  • 713-529-4231


We have houses for men, women and houses targeted to those with special needs.

All are safe, secure, and supervised 24/7.

All provide:
Nutritious home-cooked meals every day
Basic laundry services
Bed linens, towels

All offer time to adjust to new circumstances, and the opportunity to grow with their community.

What to Expect
First, we help you get your identity established. Then we provide counseling to help you plan a promising future. We often help with GED completion and job searches. When ready, you may qualify for specific skills training at our Moran Center.

Of course, you will bring gifts of your own to share with the community: your experiences, your skills, your ideas, your willingness to help others like yourself. You will do your fair share to keep your home running smoothly.

Some residents stay until their immediate problems lift. Others find meaningful work within the community and stay with us, sometimes, for years, as family.

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