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  • Added Aug 18, 2016 | Last Update May 25, 2023
  • 404 S. Broad Street Sw
       Rome, GA 30161
       Open in Google Maps
  • (706) 204-8269


Located at 404 South Broad Street in Rome this new 8,500 square foot facility will house 11 homeless families under one roof.
All resident guests will be required to take part in their day shelter programs and complete assigned chores.
Sow Family Shelter is the first and only shelter in North Georgia to house whole families together as they work with our staff daily to better their lives.
They are a 24/7 care facility meaning that there will always be at least 2 staff members present at all times.
All residents of Sow Family Shelter and anyone who wishes to volunteer must agree to a criminal background check before being allowed in the building.
They also require that residents provide picture identification for both parents and a social security card or the ability to verify the correct SSN of all minors in their care.
Parents will be allowed to stay together in the same bed room as long as they can provide proof that they are legally married.
They are a Christian organization and it is their belief that parents who share a bed must first be married.
All residents of Sow Family Shelter must sign a waiver before being admitted for stay submitting themselves for random drug testing.

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