Shelter for Single Women, Mothers with Children at Holy Angels Shelter Catholic Urban Programs

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  • 1410 North 37 St., E.
       St. Louis, IL 62204
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  • (618) 398-5616

Mission Statement

"Catholic Urban Programs advances the dignity of the human person through compassionate response to human needs, advocacy for justice, and the empowerment of individuals and families to reach their full potential."
- Source: Shelter for Single Women, Mothers with Children at Holy Angels Shelter Catholic Urban Programs website


The goal of Holy Angels Shelter is to provide shelter, support services, and transitional case management for citizens in the Metro East.
The staff strives to identify the needs, as well as the holistic care and concerns of women, men, and children who are caught in the temporary web of poverty and homelessness or are recovering from some catastrophic experience that rendered them without a stable living situation.
Their program has a threefold approach:
1. Prevention: Offering rental and/or mortgage assistance in order to prevent the family from becoming homeless; offering an assessment prior to an eviction that may stave off homelessness.
2. Residential service: Offering women and children housing at Holy Angels for 6 to 9 weeks while giving the necessary case management and social services needed to secure employment, income, housing options, or referrals for short term counseling to secure long term housing
3. After care service: Follow-up case management and care for a minimum of six months to those families who have left the shelter and are once more beginning to live independently. These services address housing, education, health, childcare, and employment issues that may be challenges as the family starts over.
The shelter aims to empower the women and the children to succeed in life as self-sufficient, gifted people.

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