God's Love Outreach Ministries

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851 Rincon Ave
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 443-3680

About this Shelter

We provide residential and mental health and case management services for women who come from backgrounds of being incarcerated, battered, homeless, and drug and alcoholic dependency.

G.L.O.M. ARF is a 24 hour, Mental Health Adult Residential Facility located in Livermore. G.L.O.M. ARF is a three bedroom single family home. It is more than compatible with others in the area. It is a 1950 sq. ft home with a nice large backyard, gated yard and open free spaced rooms. Clients have their own bathroom, linen closet and closets. There is a separate laundry area in the home, a formal living room, a family room, a full kitchen and a quaint dining room. We intentionally wanted an intimate environment for the client. G.L.O.M. ARF is so committed to providing quality care and a fighting chance to the potential client which is why we want a lower capacity.

This is a six (6) bed facility and while G.L.O.M. ARF is proud of the fact that they will be able to offer more person centered care; we are also aware that clients needing a higher service level of care may have a need for more personal space. The client room is a large room with ample space, twin beds and the client will have their own dresser. There is also ample room for leisure and relaxation when the client wants to get away. We have a huge furnished patio and a large living room. G.L.O.M. ARF is conscious of compatibility and space in the meantime.

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