HopeWorks Day Shelter

Shelter details

  • Added Dec 10, 2016 | Last Update Jun 13, 2022
  • 1201 3rd St NW
       Albuquerque, NM 87125
       Open in Google Maps
  • (505) 843-9405


At the shelter they offer:   

3 full meals Monday through Friday, dinner on Saturdays and breakfast on Sundays in their facility.    

A  clothing room that is open weekly to allow individuals to shop for items with dignity.    

Access to short and long term storage daily.    

Mailroom which is open daily so that clients have a safe and reliable location to receive their mail.    

Showers are offered daily and all toiletries are provided when showering.

Also provides other services such as: Behavioral and Mental Health services.

Question & Answers (10)

  1. Is this shelter free?
  2. Do they accept donations at this shelter?
  3. Do they allow Pets at this shelter?
  4. How old do you have to be to stay here?
  5. How long can you stay at this shelter?
    • Endless

    • Long term

  6. How can I get a hotel voucher
    • Ask shelter if funding is available

  7. How long will the mail room keep your mail?
  8. Can we hire day labor from St. Martin?s residents?
  9. How do you sign up to receive mail?
  10. Do you accept donations of plastic silverware?

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