Crossroads Rescue Mission Emergency Rescue Service and Long-term Residential Shelter

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  • Added May 19, 2021 | Last Update May 29, 2022
  • 206 Mount Sinai Church Rd.
       Shelby, NC 28152
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  • (704) 484-8770


Check-In Information and Procedures:
Each potential resident needs to complete a telephone interview by calling the main office. They will then complete an in-person interview when they arrive at Crossroads.  There is no fee required to stay at the mission until you get a job or equivalent funding; however we do ask for an initial registration fee of $60 to cover printed materials and other goods.  But, we do not turn anyone down on account of not being able to meet this fee.

To Check-In:
    Call the main office at 704-484-8770 and complete the phone interview
    Have all court dates and legal requirements settled or postponed for the first 45 days
    Complete a check-in interview upon arrival at the mission
    At time of check-in you must be clean and sober, and not in need of medical detox treatment

Items needed at Check-In
State ID (drivers license or state-issued ID card with picture.
Change of clothes (work and dress clothes). If you do not have clothes, then we will provide some from the clothing room.
Shower shoes
KJV Bible; If you do not have one, we will provide you with a Bible upon arrival.

Program consists of three phases.  In phase one, we expect each man to commit to 90 days here at Crossroads.  Men attend chapel twice a day with phase one classes for sixty minutes each morning. Through the day men are assigned various jobs depending on their particular skill sets; everything from maintenance and green-house workers, cooks, warehouse workers, to thrift store helpers.  Phase-one classes focus on recovery and providing the basics needed to begin a personal walk with the Lord and successful Christian living. We encourage each resident to continue to the second phase of our program, "The Sons of God."  This is an intense, six month study, presented in a fast-paced, challenging, learning environment.  Men enrolled in the Sons of God program are held to a  higher standard of accountability and are used as encouragers to the new residents.  The courses deliver the equivalent of a first year of Bible college curriculum.  Upon graduation, phase three emphasizes preparing a resident for self sufficiency.  Attention is given to financial planning, family life, job skills, and continuing education.  We believe all three phases of this program identify the plan that God intends for us to live, according to the instruction He has given us in His Word. 

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