Kingston House - Boston Rescue Mission

Contact Information:

39 Kingston Steet
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 338-9000

About this Shelter

Boston Rescue Mission aids the homeless and poor of Greater Boston to self-sufficiency by assisting women and men in confronting and overcoming the root causes of their homelessness.
To this end, the Mission provides basic life necessities such as food and shelter as well as social service programs.
The goal is to provide the homeless and poor with the support, training, and resources necessary to sustain independent living for a lifetime.

Mission Statement:
"Our mission is to Offer resources that prevent and end homelessness Support the recovery, health, faith, and independence of those who have a history of substance use, incarceration, and homelessness Raise awareness about the root causes of homelessness, addiction, and incarceration Serve our guests and residents and each other with respect, integrity, and grace Continue to learn, grow, and excel in our services Be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our supporters "
- From the Kingston House - Boston Rescue Mission website

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User Questions & Answers

  • Posted by on Jan 29, 2019

    Looking for a shelter. I was living with sister on Dale street but the apartment burned down in May and I’ve been on the street trying to get my life back on track.

  • Posted by on Dec 5, 2019

    Are there any available space for homeless person there

  • Posted by on Mar 25, 2020

    hi seeking shelter because of rent failure not working but looking for work

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