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  • Added Aug 5, 2021 | Last Update Sep 21, 2021
  • 4470 South Houseman Street
       Terre Haute, IN 47808
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  • (812) 232-1736


The mission of the Council on Domestic Abuse, Inc. is the elimination of domestic violence and sexual assault through societal change and the empowerment of abused individuals and their minor children.

Emergency Shelter
The emergency shelter provides safe housing for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault and their minor children for up to 60 days. The shelter is in a confidential location within the city limits of Terre Haute, Indiana. Security is maintained at all times by a staff that is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each staff member is trained in First Aid and CPR.
The shelter has room for 14 people to reside in it comfortably. Overflow guests are housed at a separate location. Personal hygiene items, clothing, and food are provided at no charge.
Pets are not allowed at the shelter, but arrangements can be made for at-risk pets to be boarded in a safe location.
No illegal drugs or alcohol are allowed in shelter. A person who is currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to enter the shelter until medical clearance is given by a hospital or physician.
Normally, residents are housed in individual rooms, along with their children, unless doubling up becomes a necessity. Bathrooms and laundry facilities are shared. All adult residents are expected to share in cooking and cleaning duties.
There is a large kitchen and dining area, TV/living area, and playroom, as well as outside play equipment. The shelter does not have child care facilities, so residents are responsible for watching their own children at all times, or making arrangements for outside child care.
The shelter is located close to a bus line for those with no transportation.
While residing in the shelter, guests may continue their regular employment or education.
A telephone is available for resident use. It is a corded phone and is much safer to use than individual cell phones.

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