Neil Good Day Center For Homeless Adults

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  • Added Dec 13, 2018 | Last Update Sep 14, 2023
  • 299 17th Steet
       San Diego, CA 92101
       Open in Google Maps
  • (619) 233-8500


The Neil Good Day Center (NGDC) currently serves as a point-of-entry to a variety of homeless services in San Diego.

NGDC also provides homeless individuals with access to mail services, a laundry facility, showers, and a safe environment away from the city streets during the day.

Question & Answers (21)

  1. Is this shelter free?
    • This is not a shelter. They do offer assistance in finding a shelter.

  2. Do they accept donations at this shelter?
  3. Do they allow Pets at this shelter?
    • Yes they do, but, I do believe they must be service animal.

  4. How old do you have to be to stay here?
  5. How long can you stay at this shelter?
  6. When is there mail time?
  7. How can I collect mail that I'm expecting to be sent there?
  8. Can you help with getting a Covid stimulus IEP form filled out?
  9. Is there mail on Saturday
  10. Is this shelter free, and if so what are the qualifications to be able to stay in the center?
  11. What time can you go for your Mail
  12. Can an individual receive mail and packages will staying there?
    • No.

    • Yes

  13. A que hora se recoge la correspondencia?
  14. Can you do laundry for free there?
  15. How to obtain ID voucher?
  16. What is the best time to get mail?
  17. How to walk there?
  18. Is a public microwave available at Niel Good Day Center?
  19. Can a resident receive mail at this address?
  20. Can you get mail there?
  21. How do we find a resident living there?

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    Jarrodsnyder says

    I need some services here and was given a referral thru sharp and outpatient services for mental help. I need to get access to my property and use an address. I'm staying in a hotel right now and using rental car. I have my own car but can't get access to it due to restraining order and no contact orders. Not sure if I can just go down there or if I need an appointment. I have 2 dogs in the Gaines street shelter I have to reclaim by the 30th. Just got out of jail. Out on bail. Have staples in my forehead I'm not sure how I go about getting those removed or if they just fall out.

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