Barrett Transitional Home

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  • Added Apr 24, 2016 | Last Update Sep 17, 2021
  • 2129 Vincent Ave
       Norfolk, VA 23504
       Open in Google Maps
  • (757) 624-6990


Barrett Transitional Home is a nonprofit corporation that provides transitional housing and services to single and single pregnant women who find themselves in a homeless situation for a variety of reasons.

Question & Answers (6)

  1. Do you know if this shelter is free?
  2. Do you know if they accept donations at this shelter?
  3. Do you know if they allow Pets at this shelter?
  4. How old do you have to be to stay here?
  5. How long can you stay at this shelter?
  6. Is their a waiting period to get a safe place to stay?

Comments (3)

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    Pridecarter.pc says

    Looking for a homeless shelter for me and my service animal

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    Candyrogers says

    I became homeless 2 years ago when my fiance died in a drowning accident I've been living house to house I have medical issues I'm 53 years old the person I'm currently staying with is going into a senior facility I currently have no income I only receive food stamps

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    Liferphifer says

    I have some clothes, shoes, and a purse. I would like to donate them to anyone in need. I purged my closet, tried to do a yard sale from within my salon, only selling a small amount. I think I have at least three or four bags worth.

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