Transitional Housing for Men 18 years and older at Joshua House Transitional Housing

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  • Added Jun 10, 2016 | Last Update Jun 5, 2022
  • 3028 North Geronimo Avenue
       Tucson, AZ 85705
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  • (520) 512-8448

Mission Statement

"Our "semi-therapeutic" community perspective includes a way of looking at existing problems of substance abuse and addictive behaviors, educating program participants. Within this view, substance abuse is a symptom and the actual physical addiction is secondary to the need for total education and treatment of an individual, which is a process of experiential learning that includes direct confrontation of values, behaviors and attitudes, all taking place in a well defined structured living environment with firm, fair, and consistent boundaries and expectations. Our "Program" supports and displays "Pro" social values to include honesty, self-responsibility, work ethics, and community responsibility. Residents and staff identify these elements as "key" to true recovery and social integration. As a Christian based program, we strive to incorporate Christian ethics in our program. Our goal is to help the client re-evaluate past negative ways of thinking and learn a new way of thinking that emulates the behaviors of Jesus Christ. We don't run or try to forget our past, but rather find ways to parlay our past, both the negative and the positive, into a successful productive way of living. At Joshua House we believe that through a spiritual and educationally based program, all our residents have the capacity to become the Good Father, Son, Husband...Man, that they were intended to be. With God.......All things are possible."
- Source: Transitional Housing for Men 18 years and older at Joshua House Transitional Housing website


While Joshua House is one of many transitional living facilities in Tucson, their program is unique, as it offers its residents a safe place to live without crowding and provides on-site self-help meetings.

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