The Haven of Northeast Arkansas

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  • Added Aug 22, 2021 | Last Update Mar 23, 2023
  • Post Office Box 1062
       Blytheville, AR 72315
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  • 870-532-6669


Domestic violence shelter for women and children.
Emergency Shelter
A specially trained staff is available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to provide immediate support and shelter to women and their children who find themselves in a critical situation.  At the "safe house," residents are provided with food, clothing, transportation, and shelter and receive lay counseling and domestic violence education that is especially designed to meet the distinctive needs of each individual.  A child advocate is also available to assist with the unique needs of children who witness family violence.

Transitional Housing
Residents who have resided at the "safe house" may choose to move to more independent living into transitional housing in order to lead more active lives in a secure and comfortable environment.  Transitional residents are provided with fully furnished rent free housing.  In addition, The Haven staff assists residents in securing jobs or continuing their education to provide their quality of life.
Victim and Court Advocacy
Day Advocates are available with trained advice and support to assist victims of domestic violence regarding personal rights, pressing criminal charges, orders of protection, restitution and other remedies.  Transportation is provided for court appearances and legal matters.
Referred Counseling
The Haven staff works continually to assist residents and clients with any physical, mental, and emotional, psychosocial or financial need; however, the staff is prepared to refer and transport clients to appropriate professional services when needs beyond the scope of the Haven services are required.
Non-Resident Support
The Haven staff is trained to lead workshops and seminars for all victims of domestic violence.  These workshops provide not only education on domestic violence but also training and guidance for independent living, including parenting programs and financial planning.

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