Amos House Shelter and Services

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415 Friendship Steet
Providence, RI 02907
(401) 272-0220

About this Shelter

Their 90-Day Programs for individual men and women serve over 200 people a year.

85% successfully complete, gain sustainable income and move out of homelessness into housing with Amos House in one of our 12 residential buildings.

Their recidivism rate of only 10% is dramatically lower than the state or national average because of their strong community. Individuals come to Amos House broken.

While there, they regain their dignity and integrity.

Their housing programs provide a continuum of care and services and what they know is that ongoing support builds success.

Following successful completion of our 90-Day programs, their guests can choose to move into their Phase Two housing a more independent set of housing options that still provide intensive case management, groups, and their clean and sober community.

Amos House's community embraces each and every guest and offers unconditional support and guidance.

Mission Statement:
" Helping people help themselves out of homelessness and poverty through vital services and results-oriented programs."
- From the Amos House Shelter and Services website

  • Only men are allowed.
  • Women are welcome.
  • Provides transitional shelters.
  • Provides services for case management.
  • Provides counseling.
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  • Posted by on Oct 27, 2019

    God loves everyone so His greatest command is love one another as He has loved us! I'd like to tell you about the Providence Rescue Mission. Some lost souls want to win Salvation and some souls don't. This is where God weeps. We all need to come together as a family to pray for those who don't want God's love!

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