Roof Over For Women And Children

Contact Information:

902 Philadelphia Rd
Allentown, PA 18042
(610) 253-4253

About this Shelter

RoofOver provides long-term shelter to five families.
In order to be found eligible, each family must currently reside in Northampton County, have at least one working adult, and must have custody of at least one child.
Case managers work with each family to develop goals for future success including financial planning, education & employment, budgeting, and more. RoofOver accepts all family types.

Mission Statement:
"The mission of EANC is to provide resources needed to avoid poverty, hunger and homelessness. EANC is committed to helping individuals and families in Northampton County develop the skills, education and work experience to become self-sufficient contributing members of their local community. "
- From the Roof Over For Women And Children website

  • Women are welcome.
  • Children are welcome.

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  • Posted by on Jun 7, 2019

    I'm homeless with my 3 kids I really need help.

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