Meet Me at the Bridge

Contact Information:

Moore Square
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 210-8504

About this Shelter

Meet Me at the Bridge combs the city streets in search of people who are lost, hungry, homeless, or hurting.

Mission Statement:
"1.To comb the city streets in search of people who are lost, hungry, homeless, or hurting. 2. To share Godís love for them through the presentation of the gospel message. 3. To convene gatherings several times each week at which volunteers would be present and available to befriend those who come, to share a meal with them, to give them something to address their temporal needs, to show the love of Christ with them, and most importantly, to pray with them concerning all their needs. 4. To conduct worship services at each of these gatherings with songs, sharing, and a simple gospel message. We will collect the names of those who attend and find out where they can be found for some follow-up visits for prayer and encouragement. 5. To distribute practical gifts to those who come, such as clothing, shoes, food, household items, toys for children, toiletries, tents, sleeping bags, etc. 6. To arrange and facilitate small group meetings in parks and other suitable places in the inner city where people can enjoy friendship, prayer, and support from Believers. 7. To visit the nearby neighborhoods, particularly those where underprivileged people live, offering them friendship, Bible study, and support for some of their felt needs. "
- From the Meet Me at the Bridge website

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