COOL Family Transitional Housing Program

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  • Added Apr 18, 2021 | Last Update May 27, 2022
  • 800 W. Glen Flora Ave.
       Waukegan, IL 6008
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  • (847) 662-1340


Family Housing Program

The COOL Family/Transitional Housing Program has been in operation since 1988. This program provides services and programs including life skills training along with rent and utilities paid homes for homeless families, many of whom are struggling single parents. COOL guest families benefit from the opportunity to complete educational training, secure better employment and save for first and last months rent or a down payment on a home. While living in COOL housing, families will work with a case manager who will help to ensure that each family is financially stable and equipped for a long lasting transition to self-sufficiency upon leaving COOL.
Where are COOL Family Housing homes located?

COOL owns a 4 unit apartment building in the downtown Waukegan area where 4 families live year round while they work on their goal of becoming self sufficient independent, working moms, dads and couples. COOL also houses two families at a duplex home in the northern suburbs of Waukegan. Four more families are housed at two different sites in Zion, Illinois. All COOL Housing guest" families live in scattered sites throughout Waukegan and Zion and though they live independently they are closely monitored for compliance with program rules and progress toward goals set.

No families are housed, sheltered, or receive housing services at 800 Glen Flora. That location is the home of only the COOL Food Pantry East and offices for COOL executive and support staff.

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