Henderson Vance Men's Shelter

Contact Information:

222 Young Street
Henderson, NC 27536
(252) 820-0701

About this Shelter

In the Men's Shelter, we provide a man a shower, a meal, and a safe warm place to sleep for a night and try to help him move on to something better.

At Hope House we plan to offer the next steps toward independence: transitional housingassistance in getting training counselingand life skillsand help to find and keep a job.

The Henderson/Vance Men's Shelter currently operates in the basement of First Presbyterian Church at the corner of Young Street and Chestnut Street in Henderson, NC.

It is their goal to eventually obtain a larger and more permanent location in order to offer more services.

The Shelter opens on November 1st and remains operational through March 31st.

During this period, the shelter will receive men from 5:30pm until 7:00pm daily and discharge them at 6:30am the following day.

The men get a chance to take a hot shower and enjoy a dinner and light breakfast before heading out for the day.

The Shelter is staffed by a part-time Shelter Director and a team of volunteers.

The Director is responsible for daily operations of the Shelter, coordinating the staffing of volunteers and ensuring that the rules of the Shelter are followed.

The volunteers will help to register the men, serve meals, and supervise their stay.

The ultimate goal of the Shelter is to help the men get back to a self sufficient life.

Upcoming efforts will include job and education counseling, social services referrals, and more.

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