Beloved House Hospitality

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39 Grove Street
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 242-8261

About this Shelter

Beloved House Hospitality is a place of empowerment for folks in all walks of life; for people who are homeless to find home; for families to have a supportive environment to appreciate each other; a space for the forgotten to find their voice; where people with disabilities and seniors find purpose; where people support each other and work together to make a difference.
Mission Statement: Transforming lives, implementing solutions for a better community for ALL. We believe that community is the key solution to our toughest community struggles. We are people of all different backgrounds coming together to embody love and to share our gifts to create healthcare for all, food for all, arts and entrepreneurship for all, housing for all, and equity & power for all. We do that through innovative projects and grassroots advocacy making a difference from the ground up! We are powered solely by volunteers. JOIN US!

  • Men are welcome.
  • Women are welcome.
  • Children are welcome.
  • Shelter has a food pantry.
  • Shelter serves hot meals.
  • Provides transitional shelters.

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  • Posted by on Jun 4, 2020

    Hello my name is David I live in Philadelphia, PA. I just passed a lot where you got the planning to build a house.... When are you planning on opening?

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