Agape Family Shelter

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139 S 9th St
Lebanon, PA 17042
(717) 272-6573

About this Shelter

At Agape, they believe that every woman deserves the opportunity for a fresh start.

They know that every child needs a safe, clean home to call their own.

Their goal is for the women who cross their threshold to leave empowered to meet life's challenges.

Their program provides a nurturing, Christ-centered environment for single women, pregnant women and women with children.

Their staff works with each woman individually to create a unique plan for her future.

Goal-setting, financial planning, parenting education and informal counseling help to boost our residents' self-confidence and teach them necessary life skills.

onnections with local agencies for child care, mental health services, educational opportunities and job placement give women the tools to succeed.

As a ministry of the Lebanon Rescue Mission, the Lebanon Free Clinic provides all of Agape's families with quality healthcare free of charge.

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  • Posted by on Mar 13, 2020

    Have been having problems with my landlord I am a single parent. It's been difficult to get things done on my own and where I live is not a safe place I live in New Jersey trying to relocate my family to Lebanon. I tried looking for places but one they ask for so much up front and by me not living there is not easy at all I have three kids that I really need to get out of where I am I dont have any other solutions I going out of my mind I have been in the shelter system before in New York city but I feel is time for a change. I have three kids one is 19, 16, 18 and I just want to make them safe. We have not had a good life with their father yes he takes care of them but is not the same when not around. I have had domestic Violance before back in 2006 and it has been hard to by pass that. And I have another problem I have three cats they are fix and they are part of my family finding a shelter that except cats is hard and to be honest will not like to have to give them up. I try to give up so many times but I keep asking god for the help. I have not been feeling well with alot of pain in my legs and now with high blood pressure. With the stress at home and not able to find a place is just driving me crazy. I didnt know where to go so I decided to see if by chance there was a shelter in Lebanon so I get just get out the bad situation im in and just start fresh with my kids. I dont know what to do anymore. All I do is cry everyday asking god to help me and my kids. I am hoping you can help or know of anyone that can help me.

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